The latest IXR library

It seems IXR (the Incutio XML-RPC library) is no longer available from a number of websites. So I’ve uploaded the latest version I’m currently using for projects. This version does contain most of the changes by Rogier van Dongen, added SSL support (requires CURL) and so on. This version does contain a few small changes,… Continue reading »


IXR (Incutio XML-RPC) with SSL support

I’ve been looking for this for ages now, but this morning I actually found someone that had done this, and is still following the XML-RPC conventions. (I’ve also got a closed source version of this, included in some projects, but it doesn’t follow the XML-RPC conventions anymore). So I was very glad to find this.… Continue reading »


Another bug in the IXR XML-RPC lib

Some time ago I’d written a modification to the XML-RPC lib from Incutio (see But there was more… Today, a friend mailed me with a problem (and solution) for a new problem everyone has missed so far. I’ve placed a modified version online at: If you actually want to know what’s wrong, and… Continue reading »