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Am I the only one facing Dreamhost problems?

Apparently something went wrong yesterday when I wrote an article about how bad Dreamhost.com was sometimes.
I tried finding references to the article on a few sites regarding the problems I wrote about.

Well, my article (here) doesn’t appear to be the only article about Dreamhost.

Just taking a look at stuff like this is almost fun to see (note this customer is on a totally different server): http://elliottback.com/wp/archives/2007/05/03/dreamhost-sucks-at-hosting/.

Or other stories, at:

I really hope these kind of messages gets picked up by the community some time, to force Dreamhost to get their act together!

Note, I tried some of the same kind of commands to prove it’s just policy to place too many users on their servers:

willie:~$ wc -l /etc/passwd
921 /etc/passwd

Meaning there’s a stunning amount of 921 users on the server. Will, let’s just say there’s about 20 to 30 users needed for normal system operation, it still leaves over 800 users!! – Note, I usually won’t place more than 200 to 300 domains (that’s about 75 users) on a server.

Furthermore, this is something I know as well;

Dreamhost and I have been having conversations now for a while about a site which gets 1-2k visitors, and hosts 51GB of transferred static content a day. I thought you might be interested in reading them. On 4/30/2007, I received this email from Brian S. about my site:

Connections to your domain ( static.imgfly.com ) crashed the shared apache service several times this morning. A connection limit has been placed on your site. Being on a shared server means you need to share the resources with other customers. Due to the heavy volume of traffic, other domains on the same service were not able to load. Once the traffic to your site has taperd off, we will gladly remove the connection limit. Please read the appropriate section of our Terms of Service and let us know if you have any questions.


Okay, granted, I use a ‘little bit’ more traffic (I use about 1 TB per month), but still, the same issues!

People, please realize, Dreamhost is cheap. Cheap doesn’t mean good!

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